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Where To Buy Pre Lit Christmas Tree

In our assessments, we found setting up the tree to be super simple: Snap sections together, plug the tree into an outlet and then use the foot pedal or remote to the turn lights on. When disassembling, there's no need to take off the lights, simply detach the sections to store away.

where to buy pre lit christmas tree

Designed to look and even feel like a real Christmas tree, this affordable fake pine tree looks like a quality tree. We will note that it did take some time to fluff out all of the branches, but once it was set up, it looked great. Assembly was straightforward and the lights are already nicely strung, but you may want to add a few extra decorations or ornaments to fully fill it out.

In our tests, assembly was super simple. The Easy Plug system made lighting the tree intuitive and speedy as light connections are built into the trunk, so you just have one plug to pop into the wall outlet to light the tree. Most models are able to be turned on and off with a simple foot pedal or remote control (depending on the lighting type chosen). The tree is available in several heights and varied lighting options, so there is something for everyone in this lineup.

Puleo has been around since 1954 and is another well-known brand in the artificial Christmas tree industry. In our Lab assessment of this tree, we found it very easy to assemble, with one of our engineers putting it together in under five minutes!

The stand is already attached and since it is pre-lit, you'll be ready to line the tree with gifts in no time. During safety tests, when held to an open flame the branches melted but did not ignite. The slender but dense profile is impactful but compact enough for tight spaces like an apartment, entryway or smaller room.

Although narrow, the tree's branches are still lush, so you won't be missing that wow factor. At just 30 inches in diameter for the base of the 7.5-foot tree, it's a great footprint for an apartment or small space. "Spent three years looking for the perfect artificial tree for our apartment. It fits our space perfectly and we are very pleased with the fullness of the branches," one Amazon reviewer said.

Reviewers rave that this is one of the most beautiful fake trees they've seen thanks to its fullness and quality. While several noted it took a while to fully fluff the branches, they did note the quality of construction, especially for the price. One summed it up very nicely, saying, "It looks beautiful once brought to life. Takes a while but worth it." The manufacturer also notes that it can be used both indoors and outdoors under a covered area like a hooded porch. And best of all: You can get it shipped to you in two days!

We love that regardless of the size they chose, reviewers felt that this tree from National Tree Company was very full and easy to put together. You will have to spend a fair amount of time fluffing and spreading out all the branches, but once set up it will look nice and lush.

It's available in sizes ranging from 4 to 14 feet, allowing you to pick the best height for your space. One reviewer noted, "If you remember the old school trees where you had a hundred little color-coded branches that had to be sorted and put in the right slots, you'll appreciate the hinged design and the fact that it comes in just two parts."

These aren't the retro bulbs of yesteryear. Dazzle the kids with eight different light sequences courtesy of a four-color LED-equipped faux pine. "This is a beautiful tree and is definitely hi-tech," one reviewer said. Our tech pros love the ability to set various light sequences to provide the perfect festive backdrop for whatever mood suits the occasion, from peaceful to energizing. The setup is easy with just two pieces to snap together, though fluffing the branches can take some time to get right.

A budget buy can still make a statement. One of Amazon's top-selling Christmas trees measures a solid 6 feet tall with plenty of branches ready for decorating. "It's full and looks great once you get of the branches spread out," one reviewer said. As a 6-foot tree with 1,000 branch tips, we're sure that would be the case. The pine shape provides a classic look, and it's ready to be decorated with your favorite ornaments, lights and garland.

Outfitted with beautiful white lights and gold-glitter-tipped branches, Amazon reviews have said this is the "most beautiful white Christmas tree" they have ever seen. All you have to do is take a moment to fluff out the branches. Setup and disassembly are quick and simple with a hinged branch design and a collapsible, fold-flat stand.

Having written thousands of product reviews and how-to articles on all aspects of home ownership, from routine maintenance to major renovations, Dan (he/him) brings more than 20 years of industry experience to his role as the director of the Home Improvement & Outdoor Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute. A one-time roofer and a serial remodeler, Dan can often be found keeping house at his restored Brooklyn brownstone, where he lives with his wife and kids.

A pre-lit Christmas tree can be a must-buy if you love the holidays or are really into interior design. These products can help an extra touch of beauty and charm to your home, and they can also help you save some money while maintaining a festive theme.

When choosing a pre-lit Christmas tree, you should consider several factors, including your available space and the decorating styles you find appealing. There are a lot of these trees out there, and they come in various heights, and taller trees usually take up less floor space than shorter models.

The Home Heritage Prelit Christmas Tree is the perfect way to add holiday cheer to your home with ease. This tree features 1,335 foliage tips in natural tones, creating a realistic look without the hassle of pine needles or having to remember to water it. This impressive tree stands 9 feet tall and has 500 white and color-changing LED bulbs to beautifully light up any space, making it simple and convenient to bring festive decor into your home.

Both the lights and the tree are impressively durable, so they should be spreading cheer for years to come. Plus, having about 1188 branch tips helps makes this tree super functional for decorations. So, if you want something that can help cut down on holiday hassles, this can be a great option.

People usually decorate their Christmas trees with white or yellow lights, but what if you want to try something different this year? The Juegoal Pre-Lit Christmas Tree has colorful light emitting diode (LED) lights, which can really add a touch of fun to the holidays. And you can even control the lights using a handheld remote too, so you can create almost any kind of atmosphere you want.

A: Yes, you can add additional ornaments like garlands, snowflakes, glitter balls, and more to your pre-lit Christmas tree. And this can help make your tree more eye-catching and full of life.

Artificial Christmas trees are produced from a variety of materials with PVC and PE being the most common. Depending on your budget, decor theme, and closeness to real fir, you should opt for the material that better suits your requirement.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and it is an affordable option for pre-lit trees. It has a fuller appearance and gives your tree that natural, bushy look. PE on the other hand is known for its texture and realistic feel. It resembles the real thing in every aspect to help elevate the vibe of the room. That said, polyethylene is an expensive material and may not be a budget-friendly option.

Another great compromise can be choosing a tree composed of both PVC and PE. These trees are designed to deliver the upscale quality of polyethylene without breaking the bank. They usually have coarse PVC branches in the back giving a fuller look. Similarly, the PE branches on the front maintain the overall look of your decor.

All the pre-lit Christmas trees come with LED lights arranged, but their color, number, and type of light might vary. So when shopping for your tree, make sure to choose the one that compliments your decor lighting.

Another important element to consider is the number of lights. If you are planning to add more ornaments, it is better that you choose a sparse lighting option. If you want a brighter look, you should get a tree with dense lighting.

Similar to choosing the right size of the tree, it is also important that you purchase a tree with the right width. Most pre-lit trees are available in three width options, slim, full, and sparse. A slim tree works fine with office spaces or smaller rooms. Fuller trees are a traditional choice and are suitable choices for bigger spaces. On the other hand, sparse prelit trees add a modern touch to your decor and give you more room to decorate.

Of course, most people go with the natural green, but depending on your taste, you can select other colors too. The popular choices for these prelit trees are white, black, red, pink, and silver. These colors add personality to your Christmas decor and will surely get your holiday guests talking.

This tree requires minimal assembly and features 600 LED lights with dual colors. Because these bulbs have a parallel connection, they remain lit even if one or two is damaged. Also, the pre-attached branches give a realistic look that goes with almost any interior.

Featuring a metal construction, the Hykolity pre-lit Christmas tree is available in two width options: slim and full. The tree offers a total of 1450 branches with 450 LED lights, all equipped with dazzling effects to brighten any interior. Available in two colors, multicolor and white, this tree is also backed with a one-year money-back warranty.

This spruce tree comes with hinged branches that you can arrange depending on your choice of assembly. Also, you can find this option in two sizes, 6.5 feet, and 7.5 feet. All the branches are produced from high-quality PVC material that is not only fuller in appearance but also fire-resistant to avoid any accidents. Plus, each of the lights works independently so if one burns out, the rest of the section will remain lit. 041b061a72


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