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Watch 07 A)The Mark Of Xero, B)I See Duck People Extra Quality

For best results, use a POS and retail management system that allows you to manage the 4 Ps with ease. With the right platform, you can keep your all your ducks in a row (i.e., your products, prices, places, and promotions) and focus on brining your retail marketing ideas to life.

Watch 07 a)The Mark of Xero, b)I See Duck People

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For instance, are you getting more engagement on one social network over another? Are people clicking on certain ads and not paying attention to others? Determine the reasons behind these things, then use those insights to steer your retail marketing strategy.

SMS marketing has been making waves, and for good reason: people love their phones. Research shows that US consumers check their phones 52 times a day and that text messages have a higher open rate (98%) compared to email (25%).

We live in a section 8 apartment complex. We have been encouraged to report crime that occurs on the property to apt security and/or police. There has been several violent attacks and security and management know who is leading these attacks. There is usually 2 and up to 12 people beating on just one person on 2 different videos and the complex banned those involved but the head security guy lets them back on property to continue the drug dealing and shooting of guns etc. I reported the same group to the management and they came and watched a video at my apt and said that security didnt do a report . I told them I was shocked and as they continued watching, you could see security show up after it was over and people were telling security what happened. The security guy still didnt do a report because the suspect is friends with the security guard that arrived after the attack. I waited a few months and still no changes and these guys are still roaming the complex freely. So I reported them again to management and asked what was being done and reminded them that security is friends with these guys and to not mention anything about me reporting the gang members doing these attacks. They mentioned my name anyway and now I have become a target and have to stay inside out of fear of attacks on myself or my family. I even have someone with The State Housing Finance Agency on my side but Id like to sue the heck out of the management or security or owners for failing to provide a safe place to live and actually making it a dangerous place due to their neglect. In fact when the the HUD financing agency which holds their contract contacted them they pretended like they were not aware of the last attack and wanted to see the video to take proper actions but I showed them the video 2 months prior and even have the audio of them asking to see it in my apartment as well as their shock of no report being made. This is all on audio. What can I do at this point as this is a very active issue and I should know more on March 8 or 9th 2020.

They handed the keys to the kingdom, to the enemy. she is laughing her rear end off. the guy she just moved in said they were on sight mgrs, turns out she got a minor responsibility position. he just lies to certain people . police, ect. he has been harassing a lot of tenets including hitting me . knocked me out almost.. I called 911 . they refused to take a report do to covid . D.A. overwhelmed. or some crap. I know nothing of this type of thing. . CAN ANYONE HELP ME ???? OR do I watch all i worked for go by by. buy a van, and move in with the homeless. PLEASE HELP ME AND MY WIFE..

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