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Watch Road Trip (2000) Brrip 720p-1 [TOP]

Josh Parker (Breckin Meyer) and Tiffany Henderson (Rachel Blanchard) have been sweethearts since they were kids. They go to different colleges, but she keeps blowing him off. He's frustrated and sleeps with Beth (Amy Smart). They make a sex tape that his roommate accidentally sends to Tiffany. Josh and his friends (Seann William Scott, Paulo Costanzo) rope Kyle (DJ Qualls) into going on a road trip to see Tiffany and get back the tape.Director Todd Phillips is putting in a lot of crazy stuff in this. The only thing missing is a truly great friend for Josh. The road guys can be idiots, selfish, cruel, and rude. But Josh really needs one true friend. Then there is the wacky Tom Green. I'm willing to accept his outlandish hijinx, but it would be better if he isn't alone for so much of the movie. This is inevitably compared to 'American Pie'. They both have the gross out humor, the sex subject, and craziness. What 'American Pie' has that this movie doesn't is true gang of friends. In this one, everybody is a Stifler. And there's no iconic phrase in this one.

Watch Road Trip (2000) Brrip 720p-1

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Best friends Graeme Willy and Clive Gollings are British comic book and sci-fi enthusiasts who travel to the United States to attend the annual San Diego Comic-Con. They embark on a road trip through the Southwestern U.S. to visit UFO sites on a remote desert highway at night.

This musicial blends hip-hop, jazz, R&B and Broadway to tell the story of Alexander Hamilton, an American revolutionary, statesman and Founding Father of the United States. You'll watch a live show so riveting, you'll think you're sitting front row.

My parents have a huge collection of model train and British comedy VHS tapes, but they haven't had a way to watch them since they got a new TV. They aren't alone; whether it's old family movies, cult classics, or recorded soap operas, plenty of people have tapes they want to watch but can't, because their VCR won't connect to their TV. During my most recent trip to see my parents, I figured out how to connect their old VCR to their new TV, and have details for anyone else going through the same process.

What a comedic classic. There are so many bits in this film that have been reused and regurgitated in other films. Vacation follows the Griswolds as they travel across the country on a road trip to Walley World.

Thelma and Louise is a great travel road trip movie for the chicks and has even been described as a landmark feminist film. It stars two females who road trip in the Southern US and find themselves in interesting circumstances.

A road trip comedy movie at its finest. But what could you expect from Steve Martin and John Candy? They share a fun and interesting few days trying to get home for Thanksgiving with the family. John Hughs never fails to disappoint here.

Tom Hardy channels (and transcends) his inner Colin Farrell with this film which takes place inside of a BMW SUV in its entirety. A mature drama that pays homage to anyone battling internal demons, Locke is an 85 minute road trip in which the viewer acts as the passenger. Intricately constructed with a series of intense phone calls and conversations, the film will reward you with an immersive experience with palpable anxiety that has moments that at times feel all too real. 041b061a72


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