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Viktor Medvedev Pdf Knjiga Pogled Bez Naocala | Updated

Viktor Medvedev Pdf Knjiga Pogled Bez Naocala Updated

Viktor Medvedev is a Russian author and researcher who has written a book called "Pogled Bez Naocala" (View Without Glasses), which claims to offer a natural method for improving one's eyesight. The book is based on the principles of the Bates method, which was developed by Dr. William Horatio Bates, an American ophthalmologist, in the early 20th century. The Bates method involves various exercises and techniques for relaxing the eyes and mind, such as palming, sunning, swinging, and central fixation. According to Medvedev, these exercises can help restore the normal function of the eye muscles and lens, and correct refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

The book "Pogled Bez Naocala" was originally published in Russian in 2008, and has since been translated into several languages, including Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, and Macedonian. The book has gained popularity among people who are looking for alternative ways to improve their vision without relying on glasses, contact lenses, or surgery. However, the book has also been criticized by some experts and reviewers who question the validity and effectiveness of the Bates method and Medvedev's claims. They argue that there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that eye exercises can change the shape of the eye or the refractive power of the lens. They also point out that some of the exercises suggested by Medvedev may be harmful or dangerous, such as staring at the sun or exposing the eyes to bright lights.

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The updated version of "Pogled Bez Naocala" was released in 2023, and contains some new chapters and revisions. The updated version claims to address some of the criticisms and feedback that the author received from readers and reviewers. It also includes some testimonials and case studies from people who claim to have benefited from following the book's instructions. The updated version is available in PDF format on various online platforms, such as SoundCloud , where users can download or stream it for free.

In conclusion, "Viktor Medvedev Pdf Knjiga Pogled Bez Naocala Updated" is a book that offers a natural method for improving one's eyesight based on the Bates method. The book has been translated into several languages and has attracted many followers and critics. The updated version of the book was released in 2023 and contains some new content and revisions.


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