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Where To Buy Swing Sets |BEST|

Our network of experienced Woodplay swing set dealers will work with you to design the playset of your dreams. From design to installation, your local Woodplay swingset dealer will be there for you every step (and swing) of the way!

where to buy swing sets

Woodplay is dedicated to producing the finest quality backyard playsets and swing sets for you and your family. With triple joint construction, bigger beams, and galvanized, recessed hardware we make quality cedar swing sets that last for generations to come!

With incredible outdoor swing set combinations to choose from with slides, monkey bars, tunnels, sand boxes, picnic tables, forts, swings, jungle gyms, and so many more swing set accessories, your kids will want to play outside in the safety of your yard every day. The neighborhood hangout comes to your yard! Whether it's a compact set for smaller yards or a Mega Set for multiple families to enjoy, we have a playset for everyone. If you are looking for additional wooden play area accessories, our Jack & June line of toys features see saws, playhouses, toy chests, kids tables, and more.

We are proud to have the safest swing sets on the block. Our durable wooden playsets provide a safe experience for imaginative play and will last through the years as your children grow. Our swings are interchangeable allowing you to swap out swings as your child ages. If you have any questions at all about buying a playset, please reach out to our customer service team. We can't wait for you to experience magic of Woodplay!

Every order comes with free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States. Shipments are made with FedEx and usually shipped from our warehouse within 3 business days from receipt of your order! WE CANNOT SHIP TO PO BOXES!

One of the only mid-priced sets on the market to feature an enclosed twisty tube slide, the Boulder Station Swing Set is also one of the only sets to include a two-story house; OK maybe not an actual house, but with a fully working door, whimsical window boxes, and faux stone facade, it sure does look like one, and kids absolutely love it. Including two swings, a glider, and even a multi-colored climbing wall, this cedar wood swing set is one of the most highly rated play sets on Wayfair.

Specifically designed with toddlers in mind, the Step2 Play Up Gym and Swing Set for Toddlers keeps kids low to the ground while still providing climbing and swinging fun, plus the added benefit of helping to develop their gross motor skills. Easy to assemble and made of maintenance free EverTouch plastic, can we please talk about how absolutely adorable this clubhouse and two-swing play set is?

Selling at a bargain price without compromising on features and fun, the XDP Recreation All-star Outdoor Playground comes highly rated on Amazon. From the slide to the glider, the options are plenty and even kids with differing sensory needs will appreciate the calming saucer swing. Maintenance free, but built to last, the steel alloy frame can hold up to 700 pounds.

This unique set is a true gem that kids will love for years to come. The two-person Easy Rider Glider, designed for cooperative play, certainly qualifies as a cool swing for a swing a set! This set also includes our trapeze swing, which offers a unique swing style while building upper body strength. The other main attraction is the Happy Hideout playhouse that serves as the perfect backyard clubhouse.

Not to mention, our vinyl swingsets are competitively priced, so you can get the best value for your money. Stop by our local showroom to see all of backyard playsets for sale or enjoy free shipping for online orders.

Rainbow has a multitude of Swing Set designs to choose from, with a specific commitment to safety and durability. All swing sets are made from 100% high-quality cedar. We also offer items like trampolines, sandboxes, basketball goals, and picnic tables.

Consider that when it comes to swing sets, the better the quality, the higher the price (nearly always), but some features shouldn't be compromised. How do you know which swing set features are worth the extra investment? Let's take a look at some of the key decision points to consider when buying your swing set:

A better option to consider ispressure-treated pine. Pine is a strong wood, and by using wood that has been treated in this way, you extend the life of your swing set for a really long time. The pressure treatment protects the wood from decay, termite invasion, and other means of rot, for example.

One important element that tends to be glossed over is the surface upon which the swing set will stand. Now, depending on the kind of structure you get, you may address this differently (how much will your jungle gym be used for hanging upside down, for example?). You have a few options: Wood chips? Those have a lovely smell. Mulch? Less so. Rubber safety mats? Sand? Any one of these materials is a valuable component to the playground experience, and choosing the right surface material is your key to making that play safe.

Lastly, check into the warranties. Swing sets are not cheap, and quality workmanship should be backed up by a good warranty. Which is not to suggest that swing sets last forever, but a good 10 to 15 years sounds about right.

This swing set has something for just about every kid. In addition to its two swings, it features a trapeze, slide, ground-level picnic table and covered top-level porch that's accessible by ladder or via climbing wall. Creative Playthings also offers attachments you can add or swap over time, including alternate swing options, a steering wheel and more.

Our experts appreciate the durability of this set, which is made with dense southern yellow pine and treated with Sherwin Williams water-repellent stain, adding extra protection from rot and insects. Plastisol-coated swing chains and nonslip ladder rungs help to prevent potential safety hazards. However, some consumer reviews on Amazon note select parts were damaged during transit; make sure to inspect each part when setting up the swing set in your backyard.

This wooden swing set features classic A-frame styling and is crafted with sturdy cedar. It comes with two swings and a trapeze, which can be easily swapped with alternate swing options, such as a bucket swing for toddlers or a dual glider. It doesn't offer any added play features, but its simplicity keeps the cost much lower than other sets. All chains are coated with plastisol to help prevent pinched fingers and rust.

If you prefer a metal swing set, this model by Lifetime offers a range of play options and solid construction, with features including three swings, a trapeze, a slide, monkey bars and a fire pole. While we haven't personally tested this set, our experts have experience with the brand and know its construction is reliable and sturdy.

CedarWorks' swing sets are made with premium-quality northern white cedar, selected for its longevity with minimal to no maintenance. The beautifully crafted sets are fully customizable to fit your needs, space and budget, and our Lab pros particularly love the 3D modeling tools to help you fully understand the designs before they come to life.

Options include swings, trapeze bars, slides, ladders, rope walls, rock walls, forts and much more, and sets can be updated as your children grow. How much each set costs depends on your zip code, the set's size and its features. Prices can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars if you opt for the brand's larger architectural designs. That said, you can work with CedarWorks' design experts to find the set that makes sense for your family.

Our Lab pros loved that this swing set packs a lot of play into a comparatively small footprint. It features two swings, a trapeze, a canopy-covered top deck accessible via ladder with a slide dismount, a covered ground-level fort with a swinging door, a snack window and even a park bench.

Another perk: It's made with resilient pre-stained cedar, which resists mold and decay. For even more play, Backyard Discovery offers swing sets in a range of sizes and budgets, and our Lab pros also loved the products for adults, such as cedar pergolas.

For older kids, our Lab pros love the versatility of Gorilla Playsets. In addition to active play tools, including two swings, a trapeze, a climbing rock wall, dual slides, a canopy-covered top deck and a built-in sandbox, this set comes with fun accessories, like a steering wheel, tic-tac-toe panel, chalkboard and telescope to encourage imagination and creativity.

The brand also makes even more extensive swing sets, with multiple decks and rope-climbing walls. All sets are rafted with decay-resistant cedar and outfitted with recessed bolts and rubber-coated chains for added protection. Note that some Amazon reviews say pieces were missing. To ensure all parts are included, take your time while assembling it and reach out to customer service if you notice there's a piece you didn't receive.

For the littlest ones, this compact indoor or outdoor swing set will provide hours of smiles. The swing is secure with a high back, armrests and a front T-bar, while the soft slope on the slide will let your infant feel some wind in their hair without sending them flying. The swing, however, cannot be adjusted, so make sure to test out its height from the ground before discarding the receipt.

A nonslip stepladder helps them build their leg muscles, and the detachable basketball hoop and ring toss encourage hand-eye coordination. Made from plastic, this swing set won't put your infant at risk for splinters or overheated surfaces the way wood and metal might. Plus, our experts love that it's easy to wipe clean.

If your toddler is itching to graduate to a belt swing but they're not quite ready for a full-size swing set, try this pick from Step2. Complete with two swings, a slide, a top deck and a ground-level clubhouse, this set will give your toddler a taste of the big-kid swings while keeping them relatively low to the ground. 041b061a72


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