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Ways To Love Your Home [PATCHED]

Choose to be grateful for the roof over your head and the protection from the outside world. Your home provides warmth and comfort and a variety of things that many people in the world do not have the privilege of.

Ways to love your home

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Studies have shown that a clear organized room is actually good for you. Instead of feeling discontent, it creates a feeling of satisfaction. When you keep things clean and organized, the feeling of your home becomes restorative and restful. On the other hand, a space filled with clutter and unfinished products actually creates depression and fatigue.

If you really want to love your home, you MUST clear the clutter. I realize that if you have a lot of clutter this is not an easy task. But I have a ton of help for you on this site. You will find links to many of my decluttering articles in this post The Ultimate Guide To a Clutter-Free Home or search the archives for specific topics!

Oh, Colleen, congratulations to you both for reaching this point with your home (which sounds lovely), and your lives. Thank you for sharing your experience, so beautifully and candidly. My husband and I empathize with you totally. Cheers, Ardith

Nature certainly is inspiring and so is this post Lauren! Animals have such a calming effect and your home sounds dreamy ? and you are so right, it is a glorious day to love where you live ?Happy Thursday to you too! Xoxo

Hi there! I'm Sarah, creator of this blog. Expect to find inspiration related to: interiors & styling, renovating, DIY, and home improvement projects! My husband Emmett and I are currently renovating our third home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Follow along and say hello! I love hearing from you.

I totally agree with you! After the holidays my house was very unorganized. I love January because it gives me time, where everyone is back to school and work, to re-organize my home. I was able to re-organize the kitchen, the pantry and the family room. I feel refreshed after completing everything. Thank you for all your inspirations!

I need to try this! To see my home from a visitors perspective. I constantly only see the unfinished projects, the things I want to change or do - even though to most people my house looks amazing, I can't see it because Im always so myopically focused on what still could make it even better. . . Sigh, it's exhausting.

Michelle, me too. Always so self-critical. Never feeling like it is good enough, I'd actually been putting together a vision board of all the things I'd do for a total makeover. Got a good night's sleep and woke up with "fresh eyes", somehow. Realized just how much I love what I have, maybe just needs some rearranging, a few tweaks. Then I sat down and added up all the makeover would cost me, if I could even find those items right now. Went to the grocery store, bought a bouquet of fresh flowers ($6.99) and appreciated all I have.

I like this idea and will try after the snow and ice are off the porch here in NC. Love your post and would like the source and paint color for the bookcases. Looks like the perfect color for my small island. also would like the source for the dining room rug as would like to try that one in my family room. Love all the multi colors. You are such a wonderful source for us all and your joy is just what I need on dayslike today. Thank you for sharing. Your posts are such a delight to read and always make me smile.Blessings,

I actually find myself doing this every time I walk into my house. We downsized considerably 3 years ago and I keep thinking my home is way too small- but in reality it is perfect for the two of us! And when we have company over we just know that we are closer in body and mind:) I love your blue living room as blue is my favorite color!

Well, today I swapped out my dining room table runner - it's navy blue! That's about it! I too remember seeing my future husband for the first time - actually, I fell in love with a car in the parking lot at work so I sat in my car one night to see who it belonged to - turned out it was the cute guy in the cubicle across from mine! The rest, as they say, is history. I love all your suggestions.

I pretend and do this too, when I do a room or an area of my home , I come at it in different directions haha , that' when I know I got it right , Karianne this Aussie loves your blog and your beautiful home P.S I have blue and white rooms too soo clean and fresh

I have been following you for years...way before Instagram reels were even 'a thing'. I love how you now live in a house you grew up in and the little tidbits you share about your childhood experiences in this home! The photos are as beautiful as always!

I wish we were neighbors! But I guess the blog is the next best thing.I love decorating for holidays and never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. At 71 I guess it is being a mom and wife and loving my house and family!What a great idea to walk through your home. Mine is currently like a warehouse because after our move we have left things in boxes while we remodel the kitchen and bath. Then family crisis put it on the back burner. But when I can I will be doing that walk through!Great job on your blog.

To make your house YOUR home, you need to find what you love day in and day out (not just the latest trends). You need to determine how you want your home to feel. And you need to stop trying to make it perfect and instead, make it you.

Before you move on to decorating to make your house a home, you definitely need to have a change in mind set (get rid of that Pinterest perfection, girl!) and remember that making your house a home is a gradual process.

Painting walls and hanging things on walls will go a long way to helping you love your home while waiting to renovate. Lighting, if you can afford it, will take your pre-renovated home to the next level. We still want to replace our floors and knock down walls, but take a look at the difference paint, art, and lighting make!

-content/uploads/2019/05/how-to-love-your-home-while-waiting-to-renovate-paint-8191024.jpgI believe they are in your living room, framing the big window. They look like they are pinch-pleated, so I was wondering if they were custom made. Any details would be much appreciated. They look gorgeous ?

Maybe we need to start a 40 day love dare for our house. Do something loving for your home every single day for 40 days, and then see how you feel about your home. {update: see my New York Times Bestselling book, Love the Home You Have, where I share a 30 day love your home challenge!

I love old homes too and was just thinking how it is over romanticized owning one as you well know and I do too after owning one for a few years. Our current house had three floors of walls covered in beige, oak trim, doors and oak cabinets. After a year and a half of painting trim, switching out doors and painting the kitchen cabinets, I love my home! The more we do, the more we dream and make it ours, the more I love it. Great post!

I love this post, though I to love older home, my sweet hubby has to deal with the work. Sooo after 30years of sweet marriage we build a new home with lots of old character touches, long before was the fashion.. My pantry has an old screen door that I change out for glass in the winter, lots of hardwood and warm colors. I hang drapes in the doorway of my library in the winter as well. I often say a house only becomes the home as we live and breath and give life to it. Thanks for your blog!

I am still trying to love our 200 plus year old home. How did we ever buy a house this old with all the fireplaces torn out with barely a sign of one left. When we bought, the yard was overgrown. When we redid the kitchen we uncovered the history of linoleum. And on the list could go on and on. Thanks for all the encouragement Melissa and Ladies. I think I will have a go at 40 day love dare even though it is April!

Hi Melissa! I stumbled across your website today while searching for help in making this house a home. This post speaks right to my heart, right from all of the dreaming of the old home full of character to the practicality of doing what you need to do out of necessity. I have given up on romance many times in the 7 years we have been here. I have painted EVERY wall in the house at least twice and done a little on the renovation side. I am searching for something that will help me with getting this home to a place I love to come back to every day. I have not hung pictures or curtains for fear of it not working. I am really good with someone telling me what looks good and what flows since I do not have an eye for that. When I do something in one room it does not flow through the rest of the house. Just looking for some help.Do you know if there is anything like an online designer that can help with this? If someone just told me do this, do this and do this then I can do it, but as far as DIY ideas they are just all over the place. I need something that I can use to flow through the entire house. So glad I found you today and congratulations on 6 years of blogging!

It is so important to maintain such a positive attitude. I love that you have decided to make the home into something you love to talk about and come home to. In reality, the biggest chore is making a house become a home that you cherish and love, despite the little outer appearances that may not be up to expectations. Thanks so much for sharing, I love your outlook!

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