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The Ranch 1x11

Season 1 started witout a previous pilot film. It introduced the original main characters of the show: Mr. Ernst, the new ranch owner of the Bar None Ranch, his son Buddy, female ranch hand Lucy, and the four original teenage summer employees Ted, Danny, Melody, and Brad.

The Ranch 1x11

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Vanessa then arrives at the penthouse, to find a shaken Lucifer. She tells him she is leaving tomorrow, for her ranch in Argentina. Lucifer chats with her and realizes that she was the one who murdered her husband. He tells her that the detective will figure out her motives. She pulls out a gun, much to Lucifer's disgust, and shoots Lucifer three times in the chest, before leaving.

When Horst learned his eldest son, Blake, had been arrested for assaulting Rosie Amaya, he made arrangements to see Blake in jail, pulling strings with the superintendent of the jail. When he arrived, Horst had Blake brought out to him and gave him a handful of dirt, saying it was from the ranch and it was the only piece of the ranch he'd been given.[1]

Horst later caught John Wayne searching his office for something. He told John Wayne the ranch would be going to him now and he needed to start making decisions for himself and get ready to take care of his mother, sister, and brothers, including Blake. John Wayne told Horst that Blake had private investigators poking around and promised Horst he'd take care of that.

With Blake back at the ranch, the whole family ate breakfast together. At breakfast, Horst announced that John Wayne would get the ranch as Blake had violated the moral turpitude clause of the ranch covenant. Blake said he didn't want the ranch anyway.

During a later conversion, Horst expressed his upset at Blake asking Jenny and Cassie to look into his case, promising that he'd take care of it himself. Horst said people wouldn't like Jenny and Cassie looking into their business. In response to that comment, Blake promised to tell what was happening on the ranch if Horst went after Cassie or Jenny. Horst laughed it off and began to hit Blake, saying Blake didn't have the balls to hit him back.[3]

Wagy came to the Kleinsasser home and told Horst that there'd been a crash at the motel which killed Angela and injured Jenny. He had witnesses and knew that Rand did it. Unlike in the past, he refused to help Horst cover it up. However, he did give Horst the report he found at the scene that showed that Horst was dumping toxic chemicals on the ranch.

Horst confronted John Wayne and Rand and asked them which of them did it. Rand admitted to it. Horst then said after Blake's funeral, they all needed to figure out what to do with the barrels in the back pasture. He then ordered them to dig a grave for Blake by hand, warning them that if they screwed up again, it'd be the last time they ever saw the ranch.

Horst found Gil out in the back pasture, and made Gil get in the truck with him. Gil claimed he was just checking if any of the barrels were leaking, but Horst told him that wasn't his business. Horst said it was his land and he could do whatever he wanted with it. Gil then told Horst that John Wayne and Rand had beat Rosie and framed Blake for it, but Horst refused to believe it, saying it didn't make sense. Horst then went to see Jenny, whom John Wayne had captured on the property. He insisted on her coming to breakfast with them. At breakfast, he threatened her life. Cheyenne interrupted and tried to get Jenny freed, but John Wayne pulled a gun on her and put her back in the box. Cheyenne then confronted Horst about keeping her captive. She said his sins were piling up and he couldn't keep them hidden anymore. She also told him that John Wayne killed Blake. In response, Horst told John Wayne he wouldn't be getting the ranch anymore. he then told Cheyenne if she wanted to have a say, he had a job for her. He gave her a gun and sent her to kill Gil. While Cheyenne was gone, Margaret came to Horst and told him Rand was dead. She also told him he was the cancer in their house. After Cheyenne refuse to kill Gil, but killed John Wayne accidentally during a brawl, Wagy was called out to the ranch. Horst stood on the porch next to Margaret as he arrived.[6]

Before he was jailed in Fox River, he ran under the name of "D.B. Cooper" as an aircraft hijacker who, on November 24, 1971, after receiving a ransom payout of $5,000,000, leapt from the back of a Boeing 727 as it was flying over the Pacific Northwest somewhere over the southern Cascades. The case was never solved, however, as he was arrested for Vehicular Manslaughter, not the hijacking. To save embarrassment, the government announced that only a million was stolen, when in truth, five million was stolen. His wife died soon after his incarceration, leaving his daughter alone. (1x11)

A grandfather clause in the prison's policy allowed him to keep a grey cat named Marilyn. The DOC had repeatedly attempted to transfer Westmoreland to other facilities, though he was unwilling to leave Marylin behind and became adept at using legal loopholes to block his transfers. According to a news article appearing in Michael's apartment, he is 59 years old at the time of the series. Many people, including Michael Scofield came to believe that he may have been the infamous airline hijacker D.B. Cooper. At first Charles denies this (1x1) but later confesses to Michael by showing him a one hundred dollar bill from the hijacking. (1x11)

Upon learning that he would not be allowed to visit his terminally-ill daughter until after her death, Westmoreland became desperate to escape. He finally confirmed that he was D.B. Cooper by showing Michael a one hundred dollar bill matching the serial number of the first bill from the fabled hijacking. (1x11)

At the Kent ranch, Clark shows up home to discover Martha clearing the yard. They embrace, and she inquires as to whether he discovered what he was searching for. He reveals to her he did, and gives her a fast download with regards to what occurred at the Fortress. He reveals to her that he knows why he can get things done, and why he was shipped off Earth. WE see him supplanting the sunstone, and checking out the Kent family, disclosing to her that before he can leave town he needs to see Lana. 041b061a72


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