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Ben 10 vs Albedo: The Ultimate Showdown of Omnitrix Wielders

Ben 10 Albedo: The Evil Clone of Ben Tennyson

If you are a fan of the Ben 10 franchise, you probably know that Ben Tennyson is not the only one who can use the Omnitrix, the powerful device that allows him to transform into different aliens. There are other users, allies and enemies, who have their own versions of the Omnitrix or similar devices. One of them is Albedo, a former Galvan scientist who became an imperfect copy of Ben after trying to recreate the Omnitrix. He is one of Ben's most persistent and formidable foes, who seeks to regain his original form and take revenge on Ben for ruining his life. In this article, we will explore who Albedo is, how he became Ben's enemy, and why he is a dangerous and interesting villain.

ben 10 albedo

Who is Albedo?

Albedo is a character who first appeared in the second season of Ben 10: Alien Force. He is a recurring villain in the franchise, as well as a secondary antagonist in Alien Force. He is Azmuth's former assistant, who helped him create the Omnitrix, a device that can access the DNA of millions of alien species and allow the user to transform into them.

Albedo's origin and motivation

Albedo was originally a Galvan, a small grey-skinned alien with large eyes and a high intelligence. He worked as Azmuth's assistant on Galvan Prime, helping him with his inventions and research. However, he grew dissatisfied with his role, feeling that he was not appreciated or respected by Azmuth. He also became curious about the Omnitrix, which Azmuth gave to Ben Tennyson, a human teenager who used it to fight evil across the galaxy. Albedo wanted to have his own Omnitrix, believing that he could use it better than Ben and that he deserved to have access to its power and knowledge.

Albedo secretly built his own replica of the Omnitrix, using some stolen components from Azmuth's lab. He intended to use it to scan and unlock all the alien DNA samples that were stored in the original Omnitrix. However, he made a fatal mistake: he did not account for the fact that the Omnitrix was synchronized with Ben's DNA, which meant that when he activated his replica, he turned himself into a clone of Ben. He also lost his ability to change back to his Galvan form or any other alien form, as his replica was locked in human mode.

This was a devastating blow for Albedo, who hated being stuck in a human body. He felt that he had lost his identity, his dignity, and his superiority as a Galvan. He blamed Ben for his predicament, thinking that he had somehow sabotaged his replica or interfered with his plan. He became obsessed with finding Ben and stealing his Omnitrix, hoping that it would reverse the effects of his replica and restore his Galvan form.

Albedo's appearance and abilities

As a human, Albedo looks exactly like Ben, except for his eye color. His eyes are red instead of green, which is a side effect of his DNA being damaged by his replica. He also has a different voice and accent than Ben, as he retains his Galvan speech patterns. He usually wears a black jacket over a red shirt, black pants, and black shoes. He also wears his replica Omnitrix on his left wrist.

As a Galvan, Al As a Galvan, Albedo has a small and slender body, with grey skin, large green eyes, and four fingers on each hand. He wears a white lab coat over a black suit, and a pair of goggles on his forehead. He also has a Galvan symbol on his chest, which is different from Ben's Omnitrix symbol.

Albedo has the same abilities as Ben when he uses the Omnitrix or his replica. He can transform into various aliens, each with their own powers and skills. However, he does not have the same experience or mastery as Ben, as he is not used to fighting or using the aliens' abilities. He also tends to rely more on his intelligence and technology than his physical strength or agility.

Albedo's transformations and ultimate forms

Albedo can transform into any alien that Ben has unlocked in his Omnitrix, as well as some that Ben has not. Some of the aliens that Albedo has transformed into include:

  • Humungousaur: A large dinosaur-like alien with super strength and durability. He can also grow bigger and stronger by increasing his muscle mass.

  • Big Chill: A moth-like alien with the ability to fly, turn intangible, and manipulate ice. He can also breathe freezing breath and create ice constructs.

  • Brainstorm: A crab-like alien with enhanced intelligence and telekinesis. He can also generate and manipulate electricity from his brain.

  • Jetray: A manta ray-like alien with the ability to fly at high speeds and shoot neuroshock blasts from his eyes and tail.

  • Nanomech: A tiny insect-like alien with the ability to shrink to microscopic sizes and manipulate technology. He can also fly and fire energy blasts.

  • Rath: A tiger-like alien with super strength, agility, and reflexes. He also has retractable claws and a fierce temper.

  • Ultimate Humungousaur: An evolved form of Humungousaur that has metal armor and missile launchers on his shoulders and arms.

  • Ultimate Spidermonkey: An evolved form of Spidermonkey that has four arms, two pairs of spider legs, and a spider-like abdomen. He can also shoot webs from his mouth and spinnerets.

  • Negative Ultimate Echo Echo: An evolved form of Echo Echo that has black and red coloring and a more robotic appearance. He can create sonic disks that explode on contact and amplify his sound attacks.

In addition to these aliens, Albedo has also created some of his own transformations by modifying his replica or using other devices. Some of these include:

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  • Negative Alien X: A copy of Alien X, a powerful reality-warping alien that is controlled by three personalities. Albedo managed to create this form by using a device that allowed him to bypass the personalities' arguments and use Alien X's power at will.

  • Negative Ultimate Kevin: A copy of Ultimate Kevin, a mutated form of Kevin Levin that absorbed the powers of Ben's aliens. Albedo created this form by using a machine that drained the energy from Ben's Ultimatrix, giving him access to all of Ben's ultimate forms.

  • Negative Ultimate Albedo: A form that Albedo achieved by absorbing the energy from Azmuth's Ultimatrix, which he stole from him. This form gave him access to all of Azmuth's unlocked aliens, as well as enhanced his intelligence and abilities.

How did Albedo become Ben's enemy?

Albedo became Ben's enemy after he turned himself into a clone of Ben by using his replica Omnitrix. He blamed Ben for his misfortune and sought to steal his Omnitrix in order to reverse the effects of his replica. He also wanted to prove himself superior to Ben and Azmuth, who he resented for not recognizing his genius or giving him credit for his work. He has clashed with Ben several times throughout the series, each time becoming more desperate and ruthless in his attempts to achieve his goals.

Albedo's first encounter with Ben in Alien Force

Albedo first met Ben in person in the episode "Good Copy, Bad Copy", where he posed as Ben and tried to trick Gwen and Kevin into helping him find Azmuth. However, he was exposed by his red eyes and his lack of knowledge about Ben's life. He then revealed his true identity and explained how he became a clone of Ben. He also showed that he could transform into any alien that Ben could transform into, as well as some that Ben had not. He then fought Ben and his team, using his replica to match Ben's transformations. However, he was defeated when Ben tricked him into turning into Goop, an alien that requires a gravity projector to maintain its shape. Ben then removed the projector from Albedo's replica, causing him to collapse into a puddle of goo. Albedo was then taken to the Plumbers' base, where he was imprisoned and interrogated by Magister Prior Gilhil.

Albedo's second attempt to steal the Omnitrix in Ultimate Alien

Albedo escaped from the Plumbers' custody in the episode "Double or Nothing", where he teamed up with a group of bounty hunters and a TV producer named Simian. He devised a plan to lure Ben into a trap by staging a fake show called "Ben 10 Live", where actors dressed as Ben's aliens performed stunts and fights. Albedo disguised himself as one of the actors and waited


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