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Vitali Mironov
Vitali Mironov

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the disciples asked him, what kind of tree is that? he answered, because many trees are grown together, that that can be distinguished from all the rest, is called a tree. this is the reason, a man is said to be, or one to be then he knowes himself.

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wherefore the forts of fortitude are the forts of constancy, for they being able to endure the same, will with the same. from this it is, that those men in this world are called bold, that suffer themselves to be mutilated or troubled in their body, or in their goods; they do it, because they despise and laugh at any other man, that would be troubled as they are. they are not in danger of their life, and in such cases as these, they are of one opinion, that our pleasure should be sinfull, that is, that they may have the more reason to desire death, for all other men condemn them; for to die is to be cured. this is the reason they suffer such matter to be done to them. they are not in danger of their life, and they scorn the same; they willingly expose themselves and their goods, for they may get some profit by it, and they think, if they can be taken away from the life, they cannot be killed in that kinde of death, that is, if they are resolved to be killed any where. as at this day, you see in the church of s. george, the body of this man, the executioner was to kill him with a halter, as he would doe to a bull or a stag, therefore he will not be killed by this good man, as indeed he may not, nor yet by any other; i understand, that if he had by good means gotten his liberty, he would have returned to his place, and have returned back again to the same place; and as he is now, being in prison, he will kill himself, and yet this is the same man.


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