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The True Story Behind Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English) - The Origins of the Cursed Music Box

Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English): A Review of the Horror Movie


If you are looking for a horror movie that will make you jump, scream, and think twice before making a wish, you might want to check out Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English). This movie is a 2017 American supernatural horror film, directed by John R. Leonetti and written by Barbara Marshall. It stars Joey King as Clare Shannon, a teenage girl who finds a mysterious Chinese music box that grants her seven wishes, but also kills someone close to her each time. The movie also features Ryan Phillippe as her father Jonathan Shannon, Ki Hong Lee as her friend Ryan Hui, Sydney Park as her friend Meredith McNeil, Shannon Purser as her friend June Acosta, Elisabeth Rohm as her mother Johanna Shannon, Josephine Langford as her bully Darcie Chapman, and Sherilyn Fenn as her neighbor Mrs. Deluca.

hindi blu Wish Upon (English)

The movie belongs to the horror genre, with elements of fantasy, mystery, and thriller. It has a PG-13 rating for violent and disturbing images, thematic elements, and language. It was released theatrically on July 14, 2017 by Broad Green Pictures and Orion Pictures. It received negative reviews from critics and audiences, who criticized its plot, characters, acting, and lack of originality. It was also accused of being culturally insensitive and stereotypical in its portrayal of Chinese culture and mythology. However, it was a commercial success, grossing $23.5 million worldwide against a $12 million budget.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with a flashback to 12 years ago, when Clare's mother Johanna commits suicide by hanging herself in the attic, leaving behind a note that says "I'm sorry". Clare finds her body and is traumatized by the sight. In the present day, Clare is a high school student who is bullied by Darcie and her clique, and has a crush on a popular boy named Paul. Her father Jonathan is a dumpster diver who collects junk and sells it online. One day, he finds an ornate Chinese music box in a dumpster and gives it to Clare as a gift. Clare does not understand the Chinese writing on the box, but Ryan, who is half-Chinese, translates it as "Seven Wishes". Clare jokingly wishes that Darcie would rot, and the next day, Darcie wakes up with necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease that disfigures her face. Clare is shocked but happy that her wish came true.

Clare makes more wishes with the music box, unaware that each time she does, someone close to her dies in a gruesome accident. She wishes for Paul to fall in love with her, for her father to stop dumpster diving, for her uncle August to leave her his fortune, for her popularity to increase, and for Ryan to fall in love with her. Each time, someone she knows or loves dies: her dog Max, her neighbor Mrs. Deluca, her uncle August, her friend Meredith, and her friend June. She also starts to experience nightmares and hallucinations of the people who died. She realizes that the music box is cursed by a Yaoguai spirit that feeds on human souls.

Clare tries to get rid of the music box, but it always comes back to her. She learns from Ryan's cousin Gina that the only way to break the curse is to get rid of all the things she wished for and return the music box to its original owner. She also learns that the original owner was a woman named Lu Mei who lived in China during a plague outbreak in 1901. She prayed for revenge at a temple and received the music box from a mysterious man. She wished for seven things that caused death and destruction to those around her, until she realized her mistake and tried to undo her wishes. However, she was too late and died from the plague herself. Her body and the music box were buried under the temple.

Clare decides to undo her wishes one by one, starting with Ryan. She tells him that she does not love him and breaks his heart. She then tries to undo her popularity by insulting everyone at school. She also tries to give back her uncle's fortune by donating it to charity. However, she is unable to undo Paul's love for her, as he becomes obsessed and stalks her. She also cannot undo Darcie's rotting face, as Darcie has already undergone surgery and recovered. Clare realizes that she has only one wish left, and decides to use it to bring back everyone who died because of her.

She goes to the attic where her mother died and wishes for everything to go back to the way it was before she found the music box. The movie then shows an alternate timeline where Clare never receives the music box from her father. Her life is normal and happy: she has her friends Meredith and June, her dog Max, her uncle August, and her neighbor Mrs. Deluca alive and well. She also has a good relationship with her father Jonathan and her mother Johanna, who never committed suicide. She is still bullied by Darcie, but she does not care about it. She also has Ryan as her boyfriend, who genuinely likes her for who she is.

However, this happy ending is short-lived, as the movie reveals that Clare's final wish was actually the first wish that Lu Mei made with the music box: to go back in time before she found it. This means that Clare has unknowingly taken Lu Mei's place as the original owner of the music box, and has doomed herself to repeat Lu Mei's fate. The movie ends with Clare finding the music box in a market stall in China in 1901, while the plague is spreading around her.


Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English) is a movie that explores the themes and messages of greed, consequences, choice, and fate. It shows how a seemingly harmless wish can have dire and unforeseen consequences, and how a person's greed can blind them to the reality and morality of their actions. It also shows how a person's fate can be influenced by their decisions, and how they can either accept or reject their destiny. The movie uses various horror elements and tropes to create suspense, tension, and fear in the audience. It uses the concept of a cursed object that grants wishes but also kills, which is similar to other horror stories such as The Monkey's Paw, The Box, and Wishmaster. It also uses the concept of a vengeful spirit that haunts and torments the protagonist, which is similar to other horror movies such as The Ring, The Grudge, and The Conjuring. It also uses the concept of a twist ending that reveals a shocking truth or a tragic irony, which is similar to other horror movies such as The Sixth Sense, The Others, and Saw. The movie also compares and contrasts to other similar movies in the horror genre. It has some similarities with Final Destination, as both movies involve a group of people who cheat death by escaping a premonition, but then die one by one in elaborate and gruesome accidents. However, it also has some differences, as Final Destination focuses more on the concept of fate and destiny, while Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English) focuses more on the concept of choice and consequence. It also has some similarities with The Ring, as both movies involve a cursed object that causes death after a certain period of time, and a female protagonist who tries to solve the mystery behind it. However, it also has some differences, as The Ring is more atmospheric and psychological, while Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English) is more action-packed and gory. Criticism

Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English) is a movie that has received a lot of criticism from critics and audiences alike. It has been criticized for its plot, characters, acting, and originality. Some of the common criticisms are:

  • The plot is predictable, illogical, and full of plot holes. For example, why does Clare not realize that her wishes are causing deaths sooner? Why does she not try to wish for something more altruistic or beneficial? Why does she not consult an expert or a priest for help? Why does she not destroy the music box instead of trying to get rid of it? How does she travel back in time to China without anyone noticing?

  • The characters are bland, unlikable, and stereotypical. For example, Clare is a selfish, naive, and greedy protagonist who does not learn from her mistakes or care about others. Her father is a clueless and irresponsible parent who does not notice his daughter's changes or problems. Her friends are one-dimensional and disposable sidekicks who only serve as victims. Her bully is a mean and shallow antagonist who has no redeeming qualities. Her love interests are bland and boring romantic interests who have no chemistry with her.

  • The acting is poor, wooden, and over-the-top. For example, Joey King delivers a flat and unconvincing performance as Clare, showing little emotion or expression. Ryan Phillippe gives a dull and uninspired performance as Jonathan, showing little charisma or personality. Ki Hong Lee gives a stiff and awkward performance as Ryan, showing little emotion or chemistry with Joey King. The rest of the cast gives mediocre and forgettable performances as well.

The movie lacks originality, creativity, and innovation. For example, it borrows heavily from other horror movies and stories without adding anything new or interesting. It relies on cliches, jump scares, and gore to create cheap and ineffective scares. It does not offer any fresh or original perspective or insight on the horror genre or the themes it explores.


Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English) is a movie that tries to be a horror movie that will make you wish you never watched it. It has a weak plot, uninteresting characters, bad acting, and no originality. It fails to deliver any genuine scares, suspense, or excitement. It is a movie that is not worth your time, money, or attention.

However, if you are looking for a horror movie that will make you wish you watched it, you might want to check out some of the following recommendations:

  • The Monkey's Paw (2013): A movie that is based on the same short story that inspired Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English), but with a more faithful and effective adaptation. It tells the story of a family that receives a monkey's paw that grants three wishes, but with a terrible price. It stars C.J. Thomason, Stephen Lang, and Corbin Bleu.

  • The Final Wish (2018): A movie that is similar to Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English), but with a more original and creative twist. It tells the story of a young man who returns to his hometown after his father's death and finds an urn that grants wishes, but also unleashes an evil force. It stars Michael Welch, Lin Shaye, and Tony Todd.

  • Wishmaster (1997): A movie that is also similar to Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English), but with a more fun and entertaining approach. It tells the story of an ancient djinn who is released from a gemstone and grants wishes to people, but with a twisted interpretation. It stars Tammy Lauren, Andrew Divoff, and Robert Englund.


  • Q: Is Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English) based on a true story or a book?

  • A: No, it is loosely based on a short story by W.W. Jacobs called The Monkey's Paw.

  • Q: Is Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English) available on streaming platforms or DVD?

  • A: Yes, it is available on Freevee, a free streaming service. It is also available on Blu-ray and DVD with an unrated version that has more gore.

  • Q: What is the meaning of the title Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English)?

  • A: It is not clear what the title means, but it could be a reference to the language or quality of the movie, or a way to attract viewers who are interested in foreign or exotic movies.

  • Q: Who is the Yaoguai spirit that curses the music box in Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English)?

  • A: The Yaoguai spirit is a Chinese term for a demon or evil spirit that can possess objects or people. In the movie, it is revealed that the music box was cursed by a woman named Lu Mei who prayed for revenge at a temple during a plague outbreak in China.

  • Q: What are some other movies that are similar to Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English)?

  • A: Some other movies that are similar to Hindi Blu Wish Upon (English) are Final Destination, The Ring, Ouija, Truth or Dare, and The Bye Bye Man. They all involve supernatural curses that cause death and horror to those who encounter them.



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