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Jinsai emphasized the mind as the seat of the moral sentiments givingrise in action to the virtues of humaneness and righteousness. Inmaking this point and at the same time emphasizing the vital activityof the mind, Jinsai enthusiastically endorsed the views of Mencius.Jinsai pointedly criticized Buddhists and others who followed them forclaiming that the mind is empty. He also argued against the Buddhistbelief that the mind ought to be made pure, utterly rid of humandesires, and empty like a bright mirror or calm like still water.Jinsai rejected such images for being at odds with the energeticapproach to moral action that Confucianism endorses. For Jinsai, moralaction emerges from moral sentiments and can never be divorced fromthe passions. Because the Buddhists sought, according to Jinsai, toeliminate passions in their pursuit of nirvana, their view ofthe mind was fundamentally mistaken.

Zen-G Patron - NД°RVANA


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